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About the company

A-Medical company, which has been serving in the field of medical tourism for more than 7 years, aims to offer its customers the best treatment opportunities in the best medical centers around the world. We have a history of successfully treating more than 1000 clients, and we continue to provide high-quality medical tourism services to our clients. We work with clinics in many countries such as Turkey, Russia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the UAE, which offer the appropriate treatment options for our customers' diseases.

Why A-Medical?

As Azerbaijan's most established medical tourism company, we have been providing various services to our customers who want to receive treatment abroad for more than 7 years. To date, we have established relationships and partnerships with more than 200 well-established hospitals and clinics operating in many countries of the world. In our 7-year history, we have successfully treated more than 1000 of our clients abroad. We have helped all our customers who trust us and want to be treated abroad to regain their health.

How Does It Work?

As A-Medical, we are a company established to help people who want to receive health services abroad. We provide information about the countries and clinics where they will receive health care services to people who want to receive health care abroad, we do visa procedures, and travel planning and offer free interpreter services.

We also offer hotel or accommodation options for our customers to stay abroad and we plan transportation. In this way, our customers can entrust issues such as accommodation and transportation to us while receiving health services abroad.

Along with the treatment service abroad, we also offer our customers the opportunity to visit touristic places in foreign countries. In this way, after the treatment process is completed, our customers can explore the historical, cultural and touristic places of the country they go for treatment.

Benefits of Treatment Abroad with A-Medical

If you want to receive treatment abroad, it will be very difficult to manage the whole process alone. The main reason for this is the need to consider more than one factor for treatment abroad. For example, in order to receive treatment abroad, you need to plan many factors, such as establishing communication with a hospital that provides appropriate health care, sending necessary documents to the hospital, travel planning, language barrier, and follow-up of the treatment process. Doing all this alone is both a costly and time-consuming process.

As A-Medical company, we support our patients with many medical tourism services so that they do not experience all these difficulties and can be treated abroad quickly. The biggest benefits that our patients can get by choosing us are the following

Save your time: Our experience allows us to find a hospital and clinic as soon as possible for our patients who want to receive treatment abroad and to carry out the treatment abroad. In this way, we prevent people from wasting time looking for a hospital abroad for treatment. Our patients prefer us to receive treatment as soon as possible, as it is a disadvantage to lose time, especially in a critical health situation.

Save your money: Applying directly for treatment abroad leads to additional costs. If you have no connections and partnerships, medical expenses in the country you are going to will be more than expected for you. Since we are in close relations with the most established medical institutions in the most developed countries of the world, we offer our patients the opportunity of treatment abroad at a lower cost.

Our Services

Cost-effective treatment: At A-Medical, we understand that the cost of medical treatment can be a significant burden for many people. That's why we work with top hospitals and clinics in countries such as Turkey, Russia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the UAE to provide affordable and high-quality medical care for our customers.

Contacting clinics abroad: Finding the right clinic or hospital for our customers who want to receive treatment abroad is often a tiring and time-consuming process. In order to facilitate this process for our customers, we plan the treatment of our customers by contacting the clinics that offer the most appropriate treatment for the disease of our customers. 

Free consultation: We are available to provide free consultations to help our customers make informed decisions about their treatment options. We can help explain different treatment options, provide information about the clinics and doctors we work with, and answer any questions our customers may have. 

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