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Treatment arrangement service

Treatment arrangement service

According to the statistics of 2019, there are more than 12,000 medical institutions of different orientations and ratings in 35 countries of the world. The number of doctors working in the field of medicine worldwide is 9.2 million, and the number of nurses is 18.1 million. Searching for what you need out of so much information, analyzing it and making appropriate decisions is a waste of time nowadays. We are ready to share the clinic and doctor information we have in order to avoid these difficulties and save your time. The process of arranging your treatment is very simple. All you have to do is provide your health information or relevant documents to establish your treatment plan. We regulate the subsequent processes and provide you with detailed information.

Advantages of the service:

Preparation of the plan

We do not allow you to have questions about what to do and when. Based on the information you provide, we will prepare the most optimal treatment plan that fits your budget and share the details with you. In a word, we prepare, consult, execute.

We are negotiating

The process of conducting negotiations for one clinic takes the shortest 1 and the longest 3 days. On average, negotiations are conducted with at least 3-4 clinics for one treatment plan. We receive alternative offers from 3-4 clinics to restore your health, so that you have a wide choice.

Doctor's appointment

Health and time are valuable. It should not be spent waiting for hours at the doctors' door. As A Medical company, we take it upon ourselves to arrange a meeting with the doctors you need, using our available doctor base and capabilities.

Escort at the clinic

Don't pay attention to the people running quickly around the clinic with documents in hand. We are ready to escort you inside the clinic as we prepare your treatment plan. We have no intention of leaving you alone in a clinic in a foreign country.

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